Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mac Powell Goes Country. Is Armageddon Next?

I don’t know if Armageddon is next, but some people’s reaction to Mac Powell’s new country album would make you think the anti-Christ had just taken power.  But, the anti-Christ is not the point of my post.  The point is the reaction to Mac's new album.

If you’re unfamiliar with Mac, you may be saying, “Who’s Mac Powell and why does it matter if he made a country music album?”  Mac is the lead singer for the Christian group Third Day.  And, it really doesn’t matter at all that he’s made a country music album, unless you are a modern day Pharisee.  Now, I’ve not listened to the entire album, just the samples on Mac’s website, but as a whole, the songs appear to be light and somewhat silly, and Mac says he just wanted to have fun.

Most people seem to like the album based on the Amazon reviews, and if you liked the sound of Alabama, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the Allman Brothers, you’ll probably like Mac’s album too.  But, I’m not writing a review.  I’m writing because Mac hasn’t committed a mortal sin in releasing a country album even though some people act like he has.

Two of the reasons, I believe, so many people don’t want to become Christians are because so many Christians find it necessary to criticize other Christians publicly.and so many act like you can’t have fun and love God too.  Now in writing this blog, I realize I am being critical, but I am not implying any of the reviewers have somehow turned from God.  I am simply struck by the fact, we won't win people to Christ by being self-righteously critical and humorless.

One reviewer on Amazon indicated Mac needed to “hold true to the calling” from God and quoted Romans 12:3.  And, of course, they mentioned, they weren’t going to buy the album.  So my first question is why are you commenting under customer reviews?  My next question is how has Mac violated his calling from God by making a solo country album?  Mac isn’t forsaking his Christianty to become a country star.  Are we to conclude if God has called you to do something, you aren’t allowed to use those same talents to do anything else?   And, how does making a country album with mostly harmless lyrics mean Mac is conforming to this world?  

Another commenter on Mac’s website posted something to the effect that “Singing for Jesus isn’t good enough?”  which just flabbergasts me.  Let’s see, Mac has been singing for Jesus for 20 years with Third Day.  I just saw them in concert last week and they sang only songs for Jesus.  They all appear to be the most genuine men who clearly love the Lord.  They even have a new album coming out in the fall that’s all about Jesus.  I don’t think Mac has stopped singing about Jesus.  Moreover, I believe Jesus probably had some fun while he was here on earth.  I think he laughed, joked, and maybe even sang a top ten 30 AD song or two.  The disciples in their accounts of Jesus were more concerned about telling who Jesus was and why it was important to follow him than they were at giving us an in depth look at Jesus’ personality.  I understand that was the most important thing to do.  But I feel certain he had a sense of humor, and that even Jesus liked to have fun.  But, so many people want to mold him into a humorless and morose one-dimensional character, and then wonder why people don’t want to follow him. 

Another person commented on the comment of the person who thinks Mac needs to stick to his calling.  This person thinks the song “Saturday Night” is promoting willful sin and makes people think the reason you go to church is because you want to get forgiveness for living wrong, which makes lost people think Christians are no different than they are.  In defense of this person, the lyrics do say, “Trying to find forgiveness for what I did Saturday night.”  I guess I can see this person’s point and maybe Mac could have put it differently, but at the same time, if you’ve done something you shouldn’t have done, going to church and asking for forgiveness isn’t really a bad thing to do.  Mac doesn't spell out for us what he needs forgiveness for, but if I were going to give the song a rating, it still would be “G” rated.

In the end, I agree most with the reviewer who thinks Mac’s country album might reach a whole different audience for the Lord.  Think about it; you’re a lost person and you just happen to love country music.  You hear a new song by a guy named Mac Powell.  You decide to find out more about Mac Powell and you discover he’s the lead singer for a group called Third Day.  You like Mac’s sound, so you decide you’ll check out Third Day.  While you’re listening to Third Day, you hear something that makes you think about what kind of relationship you have with God, and suddenly you’re convicted you need to have a relationship with God.  And, so one lost person accepts Jesus and starts living a God honoring life.  I think Mac’s done a service for God.  Of course, I could be wrong.  Maybe God will be very upset that a lost person came to know Him by first listening to a country music song by a guy who makes a living singing Christian music.  But, I don't think so because Jesus didn't hang out with the Pharisees.  Jesus hung out with the sinners because the super, pious were to self-righteous to see him for who he really was, and the sinners knew he was the only hope they had.   

So what is my take away?  I want to shut my mouth when I feel the need to criticize a fellow brother or sister in Christ for something I don't think they should have done.  I want to reflect Christ in how I treat everyone and if what I have to say doesn't show his love, then I don't want to say it. 

In conclusion, the lyrics I heard are all “G” rated.  Mac doesn’t mention going to the bar, drinking until he can’t stand up, starting a brawl, or cheating on his wife with the woman next door.  He does sing about loving someone forever, holding someone’s hand, and feeling really stupid for acting like a fool.  Bless his heart; it looks like he was just trying to have fun.

And I will hope for the sake of all those who are highly offended by Mac’s country album that when they get to heaven they are not required to attend a Heavenly Hoe-Down every Saturday night.  But, if they are, do you think these super holy saints will ask to leave?  Nope, I think they’ll grab their partner and happily do-si-do around the throne of God.