Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Sad Goodbye

This has been the year for goodbyes.  In March, we had to say goodbye to our youth pastor and his family and now we're saying goodbye to our music minister.  To say, I will miss Dave is an understatement.  Dave has led our choir for over four years and he's just a super guy.  He has many outstanding qualities, but I'm going to just hit the top three or four.

First, he loves the Lord and he lives his faith.  There isn't any doubt in my mind he is a true Christian and people can see this through his worship, works, and willingness to share his faith with others.

Second, Dave loves his family.  We've been able to see the love he has for his wife and for his two children.  And, we've seen how they love him. 

Third, Dave loves music...all kinds of worship music and he brought a vibrancy to our church we had been lacking for a long time. 

Finally, Dave believes in people.  He gave many of us the opportunity to sing, which we hadn't had before.  He made me feel I had something to offer and most of the solos I've done have been because I felt his support for me.

Okay, I must add one more thing.  Dave loved the movie The Lonesome Dove.  I believe he can quote the entire movie.  All you have to do is name a scene and he can do all the parts.  It's amazing.  Dave is like Woodrow Call in the movie...once he gives his word he follows through.  So, as a tribute to Dave, I'm including Scene 11 from Part Four of the Lonesome Dove.  It's about being true to your word, and saying goodbye to a beloved friend. 

God bless you and your family, Dave, as you start this new and exciting venture for the Lord.

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