Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Baby Arrived

Our pastor has mentioned several times over the last few weeks about the baby born to die.  This baby is the reason we celebrate Christmas.  People want to make Christmas into just another holiday, but how can the day set aside to remember that God came to us be just another holiday?

This baby, the King of kings, came gently, born in a manger where cattle and sheep were kept.  His birth was announced to the lowliest of people, the shepherds tending their flocks.  This baby born to die came for the weak and lowly, the down-trodden and poor, for every man, woman and child, who believes He is the Son of God. 

The world may one day keep those of us who call ourselves Christians from being able to say Merry Christmas, display a Nativity, or even speak the name of Jesus aloud, but the world cannot change what happened the day the baby born to die filled the world with unquenchable light.  This baby, Jesus, was destined from birth to die a horrible, humiliating death so all who believe might live.  Nothing can change this immutable fact.

Love came gently, and it still comes today for all who trust in that little baby born to die. 

Merry Christmas and may God bless you this coming year.

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