Monday, January 23, 2012

Casting Stones of Hate

Yesterday was Super Bowl final playoffs.  I didn't watch either game because frankly I'm not really interested in professional sports.  But, I was hoping the 49ers would win.  They didn't, but in the grand scheme of life does a football win or loss really matter?

Apparently, for some people, it does.  In fact, for some it seems they've lost their grips on reality.  They've forgotten it's just a stupid game.

The 49ers loss came as a result of a few major bungles by Kyle Williams.  My dad watched the game and he said "you should have seen his face when the Giants' player flipped the ball out of his hands."  I can only imagine how he must have felt.  I can only imagine the pressure one feels when thousands of people are watching you from the stands and millions on television as you fail at what you're trying to accomplish.

And if failing publicly isn't bad enough, then you're subjected to the vehement anger of some of your fans.  In fact, you receive the following Tweet:

@KyleWilliams_10.  "I hope you, youre wife, your kids and family die, you deserve it."

Really?  You fumble a ball twice and you and you're entire family deserve death?

This begs me to ask the age old question:  What is wrong with our society that anyone would think this is an appropriate message to send to another human being over the loss of a game?  A game - people!  It's beyond me that such hate can spew forth over a game.

My questions for this hate-monger are:  Are you perfect?  (Obviously not since the Tweet had misspelled words and run-on sentences.) Have you never made a big mistake...really messed up?  Did this loss personally affect you?  In a week, a month, or a year, are you going to be negatively impacted because the 49ers lost?  Did it make you feel better to wish for the death of other humans over a game?

I don't know Kyle Williams and never will, but I feel such sadness for him.  How terrible it must have been to receive a message of such hate.  If I Tweeted, I'd have to send him a message that said, "I'm sorry people are so hateful.  You're a great player, and the 49ers played a great game.  Obviously, Satan has complete control of the person who sent you such a message.  Prayers to you and your family during this trying time."

The Bible says there is no place in heaven for people who can't control their anger or who hate others.  So, I'll pray that the horrible person who sent this awful message finds Jesus before it's too late.  If not, this person has more to worry about than a football game.


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  2. You write beautiful post! I just stumbled upon your blog today, from you lovely, Beauty and the Beast post. It sort of reminded me of one of my post I wrote a little while ago on fairy tales.
    I will for sure visit your beautiful blog again :-)
    God's care,

    1. Thanks Ryan. I hope I was successful in posting to your blog. Thanks for including the link. You write very well.