Friday, April 15, 2011

Do You Believe?

My church choir has been preparing an Easter Pageant, which we will perform this weekend.  This week has been very hectic and sometimes frustrating.  I've grumbled more than I should, but in reality, I've enjoyed working on it despite the long hours.  We may not be the best actors or singers (me anyway), but we've given it all we have to tell the beautiful story of Jesus' life.

Music has always moved me.  Many songs make me cry both secular and religious.  But, I think most religious songs affect me because they speak about God and Jesus.

On Monday night we met Marty for the first time.  Marty is Jesus and he has a beautiful voice.  It's a shame Jesus only has one song because Marty's very talented.  Marty, as Jesus, sings a song from 1979 written by Dallas Holm entitled Do You Believe In Me.  I've always loved this song because it's beautiful and the words are so powerful.

Jesus is asking His disciples if they believe in Him, but I hear Him asking me the same question.

"I've tried so many ways to show you My love, and show you who I am.  Sometimes I've wondered if you've ever learned, or if you understand."

I can hear the exasperation in Jesus' voice at how clueless I've been about His love for me.

In another verse, Jesus says, "This is My body that is broken for you; never forget what I've done.  This is My blood that is shed for you.  This is what makes us one."

And so I ask myself - do I forget what He's done?  And my answer is - I must because shouldn't the one who gave His life for me be the most important thing to me?

As I listened to Marty sing that first time I began to cry.  One of my fellow choir members was quite concerned about me and kept asking if I was okay.  I tried to reassure her I was fine, even though I cried through the whole song.  I cried because I know what He did for me and how little room I make for Him in my life.

Do you believe in Me?   Yes.
And in the words I say?  Yes.
And in Him who sent Me from above?  Yes.
Do you believe in My love?  Yes.

Do you believe in Jesus and what He did for you almost 2,000 years ago?  He wants you to believe in His love.  Afterall, He gave His life for you too.


  1. I just came across your blog and have really enjoyed your writing. I am a new Christian and have found your writings inspiring. I am a little confused about salvation or 'being saved' as I haves heard many people call it. Once you believe in Jesus and that he died for you is that it? Are you always saved or can I loose my salvation and have to get saved again? Do you kmow of any Bible verses that can help answer this and what are your thoughts? Thank you!

  2. Dear gohogs95:
    Thank you for leaving a comment. I wish I could give you a definitive answer to the question about salvation. Some denominations believe in eternal salvation (the Southern Baptist and Missionary Baptist for example) while others believe you can lose your salvation (Free Will Baptist, Nazarene, Assembly of God to name a few). I don't know if you're going to church, but if not I would say first find a good Bible believing church and start attending, and start reading the Bible. I like the New International Version because it is written in modern language; however, it is my understanding the New American Standard is considered the most accurately translated. I have both. I love the books of Luke and John, but the writings of Paul can answer many questions for you. I attended a Free Will Baptist Church for many years, but attend a Southern Baptist now. I, personally, believe we always have a choice to reject Christ, even if we've accepted Him; however, my eternal security friends would say Christ has given His word that you're saved and He won't go back on it. The bottom line is I know I believe Jesus is the Son of God and that He came to save me. He is the only hope I have for salvation and even though I will stumble, fall, and sin until the day I go home to glory, if I truly repent each time I stumble, He will forgive me. So, this would suggest I believe I am eternally secure. I guess simply put I can't imagine ever rejecting who Christ is and what He's done. I would be happy to connect you with my pastor (who is an exceptional pastor) if you would like. I believe if you ask God to show you His message for you as you read the Bible, He will be faithful to answer. It's all good, but the New Testament will give you the answers you're looking for...just start reading. I would love to hear from you again and how things are going for you. I will make this promist to you, I'll do some reading up on this subject myself and try to offer some new posts dealing directly with the questions you've asked. Take care and God bless you.