Saturday, April 23, 2011

It Is Finished!

"The clouds had not yet lifted, the tomb was sealed and dark.  The cruel cross had crucified the hope of every heart.  The Son of God, the Lord of Life by death had been destroyed."

It's Saturday and the Light of the World is extinguished.  Darkness has fallen and fills the hearts of the disciples.  Their hope has been crucified on a wooden cross.

Peter wrestles with shame and guilt as he remembers how he has denied Jesus.  John still sees the horrific images of Jesus suffering on the cross, crying out to the Father, and dying.  The other disciples are hiding afraid they might be executed too.  And, Judas, the betrayer is dead.

This is a dark time indeed for the followers of Christ.  Jesus had told them this would happen.  Jesus had told them what was about to happen.  But, they hadn't understood.  For them all hope was gone.

Their reality on Saturday: The Romans still rule.  The people still suffer.  And, Jesus, the one they believed was the Messiah, is dead.  Evil has prevailed.  Satan has won.  Their hope is buried in a cold, borrowed tomb.

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