Saturday, May 28, 2011

Born for a Miracle Mission Part 3

If you're a Christian, you believe humans are born to worship God and to show God's love to other people.  In his book, You Were Born for This, Bruce Wilkinson is describing how we can become miracle agents for God.  In my two previous postings, I've talked about one of the keys to becoming a miracle delivery agent, the Master Key.  In a nutshell, this key is really about asking God to be His agent.

The second key is the People Key.  According to Wilkinson, we're here to serve people because Jesus was sent from Heaven to serve.  When we share God's heart for people and accept the delivery agent assignment, we agree to the following:
  • Our personal agenda must surrender to His.
  • Our heart in any miracle must be His heart.
  • Our role in any miracle must be to serve people - anyone, anytime, anywhere He directs.
Wilkinson cautions that our opportunity will most likely come at a time or in a manner we least prefer.  In other words, it isn't going to be convenient necessarily, or even be for people we may deem worthy of a miracle.

He illustrates with the story of Jonah and how Jonah tried to follow his own agenda instead of God's agenda.  What it got Jonah was an unexpected close encounter in the belly of a whale.  Ick!  Jonah thought the people of Nineveh should be destroyed, but God saw potential.  In the end, Jonah did what God asked, but he wasn't happy about it.  Acting as God's conduit, Jonah brought the message and Nineveh was spared destruction because they listened and repented, but because he didn't have the heart for the people he missed it was a miracle.

Wilkinson says we have to yield to Heaven's Right of Way.
  1. We can miss miracle assignments because we are doing other good things; therefore, we need to stay alert for God's direction.
  2. We can miss miracle assignments because we judge people as being undeserving of a miracle.  Or we determine they are ungrateful and unworthy.  This is irrelevant because we're showing God's heart for people by doing what He asks us to do.  This particular point strikes a cord with me.  If you're reading this blog, you probably know I've been going to Pine Ridge Reservation for many years to bring Christmas presents and coats to a group of children who attend Lakota Baptist Church.  A few years ago, the pastor left the church and his replacement missed this point totally.  He saw ingratitude in the adults for what we were doing, and he decided we couldn't do it anymore.  Forget that we felt God had called us to do these things for the kids.  It was his will that mattered, not God's.  Thankfully, he left within the year, and the previous pastor returned, and he has a heart for what God wants done. 
  3. We can only last as a miracle delivery agent, if we put God's plan ahead of our own.  We have to be doing what we're doing for God and not for people because sometimes the people designated for the miracle aren't going to see it at the time and they aren't going to respond the way we think they should.
In the end, Wilkinson says we have to decide in advance to surrender our rights to choose the miracle, the way it's delivered, and the people who will receive it.

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