Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Born for a Miracle Mission Part 4

So far, I've outlined the Master and People Keys in the quest to be a delivery agent for God.  The third key is the Spirit Key.  Bruce Wilkinson in his book You Were Born For This says we can partner with God's Spirit.  He says we precommit to cooperate with the Spirit at every opportunity to accomplish God's work.

Jesus says in John that it's better for Him to go away so the Spirit can come to us and live within us.  And with God in us, He can work through us.

Wilkinson outlines how this partnering with the Spirit works so we can deliver God's miracles.
  • The Spirit knows the other person.
  • The Spirit know us.
  • The Spirit speaks of the Father and Son.
  • The Spirit empowers us.
  • The Spirit does the miracle.
  • We do the work.

 Here's what we can know about the Spirit:
  • The Holy Spirit is real and we can understand who He is and how He works.
  • The primary purpose of the Spirit is to help us accomplish God's agenda on earth.
  • We can accomplish all God wants us to accomplish only by partnering with the Spirit.
  • The Spirit is available to all who believe in Christ and God.

The final key is the Risk Key and Wilkinson says, we can't respond to the Risk Key if we aren't walking with the Spirit.  As long as we're walking in the Spirit, we'll be prepared to do God's work because God doesn't set us up to fail. 

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