Friday, May 27, 2011

Born for Miracle Missions Part 2

"BAAAWK!!!!"  That's the closest I can come to spelling the sound a chicken makes.  Can you hear me squawking as you read this.  Yes, it's true.  I'm a chicken.  I'm still not ready to ask God to make me a delivery agent.

If you read last night's post, you know I'm reading Bruce Wilkinson's book You Were Born for This.  It'a all about how we can become miracle delivery agents for God.  All we have to do is ask to be sent.

Wilkinson outlines the way to ask:
  1. Consciously enter the throne room of Heaven.  He says picture God on His throne and Jesus sitting to His right, and there you are front-and-center.
  2. Next, volunteer with words like Isaiah used.  "Here am I.  Send me."  Or if you want to get more contemporary in your speech: "Here I am.  Please send me on a miracle mission."  Of course you need to picture it happening.
  3. Then, you pre-commit to act when you are nudged.  Pledge - "As You lead, I will respond."
  4. Next, you need to actively put your faith in God to deliver His miracle through you.  "I trust You to deliver the miracle through me.  Thank you that I can fully depend upon You."
So, those are the steps to follow and each day, you just get up and say, "Today, I'm a delivery person for God.  Please Lord, send me!"

It's not really complicated.  And, you're not asking for some big parting of the Red Sea miracle. All you're saying is:  If someone needs something and You're going to answer, You can use me to do whatever needs to be done."

That's what I could say, but instead  I'm sounding a lot like this

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